Monday, January 17, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A very hearty congratulations to Madhuri Gajendran for cracking the first season of KryptX and to Bhanu Prakash for Kracking season-2 of KryptX.
To the very many who have lost their sleep , banged their heads for clues and have been in the very dizzy aftermath of solving the game , lose no hope , may you succeed this time in outrunning the others ! All the best . Keep kracking Hope to see you back next Saarang.. :)
And dont forget to fill the feedback forms on the blog. Your feedback shall help us improve for next Saarang.

Clues .. clues.. clues

This post is to provide a gist of all the clues for the initial levels. I know it has become tiresome for you to go thru all those comments ! You may not post any queries under this post. Hope this helps :)
Please go through atleast some of the posts before commenting for queries.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

season2 levels 11-15

need no description!!!

season 2- level 6 to 10

People can discuss levels 6 to 10 here..

season 2 begins.. que 1-5

Hii everyone..
KryptX is back again..
Welcome to all those who havent been a part of season 1..
And those who played season1.. welcome back..

There is a slight change in the blog working timings.. it works now from 2pm to 12 midnight only..
and if u get struck in the first 5 levels.. post a comment here.. we coords/gods might give u a slight hint.. if we feel necessary..

Feedback form for Season II

Hello all,
Kindly fill in the feedback form below, this will take less than a minute. It will help us improve the game.